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The Benefits Of Using Cake Toppers

You’ve probably seen these at weddings and birthday parties. Flower Cake Toppers are increasingly becoming popular on the Gold Coast and with good reason. From picture-perfect figurines of a couple atop a towering cake to delicately dressed flowers around or along a cake, these eye-catching decorations make for the perfect decorations.

Traditionally, icing has always been the best decorative method to use, but today, cake toppers and making their way into different cultures across the world!

Cake toppers are of prime importance, especially if you want your cake to stand out and make a statement. Here’s why:

Cake Toppers Are Better Than Icing

It’s a tradition to use icing to write a message on a cake; however, the “neatness” will depend on what kind, colour and thickness of icing you are using, as well as the individual’s writing skills. There are also risks of smudging with icing. On the other hand, with professional cake toppers on the Gold Coast, all these variables are thrown out the window because cake toppers from a reliable florist are designed intricately for the best and most aesthetically pleasing cake.

They Are Reusable

Days of using candles are far from over. The difference is that they tend to melt away and the icing is eaten. With cake toppers, this isn’t the case. Faux Flowers can be preserved for multiple uses – this is a cost-effective solution for people on a budget.

Cake Toppers Can Be Customised

The beauty of getting cake toppers on the Gold Coast is that a message or text can be customised onto the cake topper. 

There’s A Variety To Choose From

The likelihood of a cake topper getting damaged is far less than by using traditional icing. Cake toppers come in a variety of choices, from fresh flowers like bright posies classic couples, to laser-cut cake toppers. All have a sophistication about them that can be customised to meet your event’s needs.

At Moss N Stone, we’re dedicated to providing the best cake toppers on the Gold Coast. Browse our website to view all our offerings.