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Enjoy The Thrill Of A Floral Arrangement Workshop With Your Chirn Park Florist

An interest in crafts and practical lifestyle skills is the mark of the modern up and coming generation. While you may still conjure up images of old ladies crocheting, growing herb gardens or making floral arrangements, the reality is far more beautiful. People of all ages, backgrounds, interests, genders and vocations are coming together to enjoy floral arrangement workshops with their Chirn Park florist. There is a hunger for these skills that seem to have been neglected for a few generations and the popularity of classes at Moss N Stone is a testament to that.

Reasons Why You Might Be Interested In Our Workshops

We offer various workshops, including our dried floral dome workshop, fresh floral table arrangement workshop and dried floral bouquet workshops. At Moss n Stone, we feel that there is something to be said for an in-person education that can’t be gleaned from simply watching online tutorials. Guidance, a sense of camaraderie and openly flowing conversation makes for a much richer experience. Here are the advantages of attending a floral arrangement workshop:

  • You will actually learn about flowers – from seasonal blooms to choosing the right varieties, thus growing your compendium of floral knowledge. You will discover many flower basics that are supported by sight identification, smell and touch.
  • You will gain advanced arrangement skills – professional and complex arrangements are now yours for the making!
  • You can use the workshops to spend quality time with someone you care about and learn a shared skill at the same time.
  • You can use the opportunity to explore a passion, a skillset and, just maybe, a calling – are you destined to be a professional florist or floral designer?
  • You will be able to beautify your surroundings without hiring someone else to do it every time and feel the pride of sharing your creations with others.

Get In Touch And Book Your Session Today!

Moss n Stone are client-orientated floral specialists who provide a wide range of services, from corporate events to personalised gifting. If you would like to join your Chirn Park Florist for a workshop you won’t soon forget, contact us by calling (07) 5531 1533 or using our convenient online contact form. To book a workshop, browse through our programme here.

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